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Tesla and NCADA come to agreement on amendments to dealer bills 

July 2, 2019 UPDATE 

Tesla and NCADA came to an agreement of new language and have both endorsed the bill as it stands now.  S384 passed the NC House and Senate and is on it's way for signature from the Governor.   Thank you to all that called, emailed, and sent letters to your representatives! You do not need to do anything additional, Tesla is happy with the negotiated language and will not be prevented from doing business in the state.  Basic outcome is as follows:

In the state of North Carolina

  • Tesla will not be restricted in opening of service centers
  • Tesla will not be restricted in opening of galleries
  • Tesla will not be restricted in opening of up to 6 sales locations

Previous, outdated language is below

Anti-Tesla bills would amend current law to halt Tesla's growth and could impact their current abilities to do business in The Great State of North Carolina

The basics of the amendments are:

Require a 15 day public notice of license applications
This is to allow time to initiate action against Tesla when an application is filed.

Give NCADA broader powers to initiate action against Tesla and block license applications or renewals
The current law states that NCADA may initiate action (after mediation) against the manufacturer for a franchised dealership that was harmed by that manufacturer's conduct in the past.  The amendments include changing the law to give NCADA standing to initiate action without mediation against any manufacturer (Tesla) for any conduct that would harm or would affect automotive dealerships in NC in the future.  

With the new language, Tesla's conduct of simply existing could be argued as something that "would affect" automotive dealerships in NC and allow NCADA to initiate action against them. 

The three bills that contain the set of amendments giving NCADA the additional power are:

H455 Clarify Motor Vehicle Dealer Laws
S384 Clarify Motor Vehicle Dealer Laws
S385 Clarify/Auto Dealers Regulatory Req

If you wish to help stop these amendments, you may contact your NC Senate and NC House representative to make them aware of the true intentions of these amendments.  Please reference the appropriate bills when contacting.  NC House bill H455 and NC Senate bills S384 and S385.

Critical part of H455 and S384

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