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Legislative - EV Fee increase

SB 446 - Increase in annual EV and Plug-in Hybrid registration fees in NC

SB 446 will increase the current annual EV registration fees from $130 to $230 next year.  A new $115 plug-in hybrid fee is being introduced as well. The annual EV fee is in place to offset the lost revenues EV drivers do not pay in fuel taxes and a number of states currently have these fees.  However, according to a very recent study the current $130 fee is already more than adequate, showing a $30 per vehicle surplus this year.   If you wish to voice your opinion about this proposed fee increase, please contact your representative.

Also, see the below message from Senator Wiley Nickel of District 16 who is a long time Tesla owner and is fighting this bill. All NC residents are welcome to sign his petition but if you are outside of district 16, please also contact your representative.

Message from Senator Wiley Nickel*
ACTION ALERT! NC on the verge of becoming the most expensive state for electric vehicles!

Senate Bill 446 will increase the annual electric vehicle fee to $230 next year, the highest rate of any other state in the nation! Plug-in hybrid vehicle owners are targeted too. Their annual fees will increase to $115.00 by January.

Only 19 states charge fees for electric cars; 9 other states charge fees for hybrid cars. If passed, this bill will make North Carolina the most expensive state for electric vehicles in the nation at $230 per year.

Just as greener energy solutions are becoming more affordable, we risk taxing these clean energy alternatives out of use. The growing number of electric and hybrid vehicle owners shows progress in the fight against climate change. This bill would discourage people from making an environmentally-friendly decision by making it much more expensive to own an electric vehicle. 

There are more electric vehicles in Wake County than any other County in the state. As a Senator from Wake County, I plan to vote against this bill and will do ALL I can to ensure the bill fails.

But I need your help.

Will you stand with me and sign this petition? Please hit the link below to sign our petition.

If you don’t live in Senate District 16, please click below to find your Senator and encourage them to vote against SB 446.

The bill could come up for a vote any day now and it’s important to act fast.

If you want to learn more about EV fees (or the lack thereof) in other states click the link below for the map showing the current rates of 19 states that have electric vehicle fees. (Map from a March, 2019 article from the National Conference of State Legislatures)

* Please note that Triangle Tesla is a non-partisan organization and is sharing this information because it impacts all EV owners in the state. The above message was edited slightly, removing two lines to take out partisan content.   The source below goes to the original message.


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