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Tesla Track Day 2

  • 26 Oct 2019
  • 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 310 Technology Drive Garysburg, NC 27831



Tesla Track Day is hosted by Out of Spec Motoring which is run by skilled performance driving instructors who were previously Tesla employees.   

Please note: Tesla Track Day is a driver education and individual experience event.  It is NOT a racing or competition event.  Passing on the track is forbidden other than the long straight section with proper signaling from the car being passed. 

Tesla Track Day spectator registration  

If you're planning to come as a spectator, we ask that you register on this page.  If you are participating as a paid participant, you don't need to register here unless you want to.  

If coming as a spectator, please bring your own chair.  There are minimal spectator seating areas at this track as it's a research and testing facility.  There will be a lunch offering at the track which is included for paid participants and purchasable by spectators.  Lunch specifics are TBD.   

Spectators are allowed to enter the track property and park in the large parking lot but may not drive their cars onto the track itself.

Tesla Track Day participant registration  

For anyone interested in participating in track day, it is being hosted by Out of Spec Motoring.  Sign up is required and information is here:

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